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Welcome to ADR Solutions website,

👉ADR Solutions offers services in the industrial robotics business.

👉The ADR Solutions team is listening to you to help you in your robotization projects and its 10 years of experience are a waranty of quality in services.

👉We are a multidisciplinary team that can work on several brands of robots and PLCs in several trades

👉The most of our employees have more than 15 years of experience in the industrial robotics and automation trades.

Services tailored to your needs.


👉ADR Solutions focuses on quality robotic solutions at the best price. During the last 10 years, we have provided customized integration for a large variety of robotic applications.

We can offer new or reconditioned industrial robots, Robotic's stations and parts.

Our inventory and our partners include the best robot brand present on the market, allowing more options to choose from. This also allows us  to offer quicker delivery than our competitors.

We also offer customized robotic’s installations to your needs and special requirements.

👉Every one of our Robotic team is focus on their task with the attitude to be good on the first shot. Our methods and the monitoring of our projects includes reports, Warranty, Training, and Functionality Demonstration.

We take great attention in our Customer Service and Support. 

We are believing that great relationships are crucial to great business.

We are different by our competences than the other integrator on the market.

Your Partner for robotic's project and services to make your future growing up quickly.


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