ADR Solutions in a few words 

One of the main objective of our company is the quality of our service.

We try to provide always the best , to meet your complete satisfaction.

With this quality of service, we managed to establish ourselves in a highly competitive market.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in industrial robotics.
We have tuned methods of work in the fields of robotics painting.
We know how to integrate robots.
We provide programming services dedicated to these professions.

We optimize your systems to make them lasting longer.


Robot integrators are companies that check your robotic's system & application needs, provide a plan for automation, and put the automation in place in your facilities.

As a robotic systems integrator, ADR Solutions can:

  • Perform a 3D Simulation studies on your project

  • Identify the correct robot, tooling, robotic station  for your application needs

  • Provide technical cost-saving ideas.

  • Provide training on programming your robot and robotic installation.

ADR Solutions integrates new & reconditioned robotic systems.



ADR Solutions is mainly focus on Paint Application robotics. 

ADR Solutions is delivering robotic station that are easy to set up and operate according to the definition and the scope of supply. 

ADR Solutions is also able to create customized robot systems to fit your exact production requirements. 

Our Technical Team can determine the right system components needed to create the most efficient system for your application and product. 

Our customized systems can include new or used system components, based on your needs, availability and budget.

All integration packages, robotic station or customized systems, meet industry safety standards and can include either new or used robots.

We also include the ADR Solutions Value Package with all robots and systems purchased from us. 

This includes robotics training, Inspection, Technical Support, Optimizations, obsolescence reports, and more.

We are surrounded by a network of partners offering a variety of services related to robotics, Automation and business application of painting systems. 

We can manage a project independently. 

We can also manage a complex business with partners.

A mission for ADR Solutions is:


  • Understand the needs and advise,

  • Provide products that meet specifications,

  • Meet deadlines,

  • Provide quality services,

  • Working in the clarity and transparency.