We are providing a wide range of solutions for robotics 

Use industrial robots to automate applications for your production line to save time and money.

Industrial robots reduce waste and produce higher-quality products with continuous precision.

Robots can also handle the most dangerous manufacturing applications to keep your workers safe, healthy and motivated.

ADR Solutions integrates new and reconditioned robot systems for a wide range of robotic applications.

Our robot integration experience and knowledge is a great benefit to our customers.

We want your production line to be at maximum efficiently as possible.

We can identify the best robot solution for your specific application requirements.



        Collaborative Robots

        Dispensing Robots

        Injection Molding Robots

        Machine Loading Robots

        Machine Tending Robots

        Material Handling Robots

        Picking Robots

        Packaging Robots

        Palletizing Robots

        Part Transfer Robots

        Pick and Place Robots

        Press Tending Robots

        Vision Robots




        3D Laser Vision Robots

        Assembly Robots

        Coating Robots

        Cutting Robots

        Deburring Robots

        Fiberglass Cutting Robots

        Laser Cutting Robots

        Milling Robots

        Painting liquid Robots

        Painting powder Robots

        Polishing Robots

        Sanding Robots