Engineering & new product development        

👉Engineering & development phase in our head quarters.

✔ Méchanical:

-Mechanical part 3D Design 3D

-Drawing and calculation

-Fabrication in our supplier wharehouse.

 ✔ Automation:

-Complete automation solutions

-PLC Programming

-Supervision PLC et Robot - HMI (WinCC et PLC Siemens)

-Robot Programming  

✔ Processes:

-New equipement and solutions for robotics fields

-Adaptation of existing processes

-Special processes

✔ Trajectories & Processes

- Paint & Sraying 

- Gluing

- Sealing

- Flamming & cryogenie withCO2

- Handling - packaging - pick & place

- Special processes 

✔ Préparation de Sites Pilote Projet dans notre Atelier:

- Pilot site in our wharehouse

- Functionalities Testings

- Validation of project before delivery on customer site